It all starts with science. We’ve applied more than 15 years of cellular research in developing a precise problem-solution immune-boosting formula comprised of a potent formulation backed by peer-reviewed clinical science. Deep rooted in transparency, we only source ingredients with uncompromising research, so that getting your daily dose of wellness is that much easier. You can count on every ingredient having a job to do and doing it well, so you never have to worry about slowing down and taking a sick day.

OSILAS Health was created to fill the void of clean, clinical, luxurious supplements that are steeped in proven science. In a nutshell, you can feel good about what you’re ingesting knowing that it’s safe, effective and substantiated. We're a team of health, fitness, and wellness experts dedicated to applying compassion, integrity, and a genuine desire to help people throughthe science and beauty of high-quality products. We aspire to offer a product that adds a little style to the science and substance behind it.

From left to right:

Dr. Monika Kleczek, PhD, CPT & Nutritionist - With a PhD in Chemistry, Monika brings her expertise in organic chemistry, pre/postnatal fitness, and nutritional science. Alongside her passion for a greener and more sustainable future.  

Dr. Kristina Zakhary, MD, MSc, FRCSC - Recently selected as Top Female Surgeon of the Decade for the Year 2020, Kristina is an otolaryngology head and neck surgeon with a special focus on facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Krisitina is an artist in improving the health and confidence of her patients. 

Dr. George Gillson, MD, PhD, CCFP, Medical Director - As a medical doctor and with a PhD in Chemistry, George is one of the pioneers of the nutritional and natural biochemical approach to chronic illness and disease prevention. George also brings extensive knowledge in the field of metabolic medicine and hormone analysis.

Jeanette Queen, MS, NP, FAAFM, ABAAHP - Jeanette combines conventional, integrative, and functional medicine to help achieve optimal health and vitality at any age. Jeanette's expertise lies within age management, hormone imbalances, immune health, cognitive vitality, weight management, chronic fatigue, thyroid health, adrenal concerns and pain.

Gina Perez, BPE, RMT, NSCA Strength Coach - Gina is a former member of the Canadian Women's Olympic Weightlifting Team and Strength Coach for the Ottawa Senators NHL hockey team. Gina believes in the importance of X, Y and Z for optimal functional movement.

Ryan Stroeder, BASc - Specializing in physics, Ryan holds over 15 years of experience in fitness, specializing in men's performance, health and hormones.

We get it. The thought of taking supplements full of hard-to-pronounce ingredients is intimidating and scary. That’s why we developed our complex of healthy, naturally derived vitamins, plants and herbs, without any fillers, unnecessary ingredients, additives, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, gelatin, bulking agents, GMO ingredients, dyes, synthetics or toxins. It’s as clean as you can get.

We want you to feel your best. That's our big "why." We set out to be a part of your wellness and part of your life. Our product captures the idea of the many layers of thought, selection, science, collaboration, detail, and quality obsession that all compounds into the finest products. In addition to scientific rigor and carefully controlled labs, we're about beauty. We're about restoring grace and natural wellness. Beauty, science, health and wellness are no longer thought of as separate entities. The secret to good health, inner beauty and XXX is a holistic approach to health, wellness and YYY with a well-rounded plant- and herb-based daily supplement regimen. 


In an industry full of misinformation and ill-informed "experts" trying to cash in on the latest trend, OSILAS Health stands out as something different. We see the potential our product has to change lives for the better, and from day one, we've been devoted to doing it right. We keep our standards high and every step of our process transparent.

We only use fully recyclable packaging and lean manufacturing, for a more sustainable future. Our products are proudly made in the USA, inside a GMP certified facility. This ensures that all our products are under strict quality control, and you get exactly what you pay for.

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